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iPhone 6 Screen Replacement in Schaumburg

Need an iPhone 6 screen repair? You've come to the right place. Prices have been all over the map for most computer and cell phone shops in the Chicagoland area but the prices at Zombie Techs are currently stable (and the most affordable in town). Where others are charging $149.99 and up for iPhone 6 screen replacement, Zombie Techs is currently offering $119.99 because we bought a huge stock of screens earlier this year. Backed by our satisfaction guarantee, there's no reason ... Read more

Samsung announces two new phones (Sneak Peak)

Samsung is not giving up: the Galaxy Note5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Release Date Starting the 21st of August Samsung is making available their two new flagship products. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and the Galaxy Note5. Samsung has been making a big push with their internal mobile technology to reconcile their disadvantage against Apple's iOS platform. They're now working closer than ever with Google to create an app space that offers a more immersive experience and technology that can do more. A ... Read more

Apple is in negotiations with BMW to create Apple cars

Could the Apple car be a BMW? Earlier this year news surfaced about Apple wanting to get into the space of designing autonomous cars. Their goal seemed to be launching a car that becomes the iPod of the car world and it seems they targeted BMW based on their i3 electric car. As it happens right now German magazines reported that negotiations already took place and Apple was interested mainly in the body design and fuel economy considering that it gets about ... Read more

iPhone 6 Leaked photos confirm FORCE TOUCH

iPhone 6S will have Force Touch This is awesome news. The iPhone 6S is following the unprecedented success of the dual iPhone 6 and 6+ launch last year. What can Apple bring to the table to hit this one out of the park like they did with their last phone release. We know this much so far, the screen sizes are not going to be any larger, but they will be thicker as demonstrated by the leaked photos we found on 9to5mac. ... Read more

Screen Replacement for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Cracked iPhone Repair When the iPhone 6 was released by Apple, it was a massive sensation. Boosted by the dual release of the 6 plus, the 4.7" iPhone 6 saw record shattering sales. That wasn't the only shattering feature about the iPhone 6 however. You may remember all the buzz about the gorilla or Sapphire glass which was supposed to be featured in the iPhone 6 that would be highly resistant to scratching and shattering. That never happened and so ... Read more

Electronics Manufacturing is dooming us all

What do you do with obsolete electronics? Think about the last remote or TV you've owned. How long did you have it for before replacing it? 3-4 years? 5-6 years? The average most people will tell you is about 4-5 years in fact before replacing a TV. I know because we ask at the store. But ask yourself, where does your TV go after you donate it or recycle it? Then ask yourself where do all of your other electronics go from ... Read more

3D Xpoint: the future of computer technology

In the year 2004, we talked about something like this as a dream in school. The dream was that some day we might have a technology that could exceed the "sound barrier" of computer storage and processing technology. The dream became a reality last night thanks to Intel and Micron. What's wrong with our current storage technology? If your hard drive has broken down recently and you brought it into our store, me or one of our Zombie Techs has probably recommended moving ... Read more

Windows 10 (not a free upgrade after all)

Windows 10 is not a free upgrade It seemed too good to be true. We reported it ourselves a few weeks ago that Windows 10 was poised to be a revolutionary operating system and would change the way we think about windows and cross platform technology. Alas, it was a clever little marketing faux pas designed to attract maximum attention to the release of Windows new operating system. As you'll see on this source article from Forbes, the free upgrade that Microsoft ... Read more

New Apple Computers will be extremely fast thanks to this

Intel Skylake Processors If you're a techie fanboy like us (and our site analytics show that there is a 70% chance you are) this news will probably excite you. The last run of Macbook Pros was not that cool. They weren't huge improvements over their predecessors, they came with all new cables and form factors, and the company tried to us to opt for the Macbook Air which just lacks the horsepower that a lot of users seek. Well, Intel is here ... Read more

Behind the scenes iPhone 6S +

Ready for your sneak peak of the new iPhone 6S +? Feast your eyes: photo credits Future Supplier (via The iPhone 6S is just around the corner and we're expecting release times to be announced shortly. (more…) Read more
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