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2015 Was the year of the Smart Watch No doubt that 2015 was a big year for tech wearables. It was the year we were introduced to the Apple Watch and the more popular line of Fitbit watches. I personally use a Fitbit HR every day to keep an eye on my heart rate, calories, and steps. It seems like tech wearables are the latest craze. Pebble, which has been a cheap smartwatch that really only told time is majorly stepping up ... Read more
iPhone internal storage upgrade https://youtu.be/2bGb5AOwp44 Check out this video we found of a guy in China who is offering iPhone 6 storage upgrades for just $60. Meaning that he'll rip off the 16gb flash chip onto 128gb. The difference in retail pricing from Apple is about $100. computer repair schaumburg Read more
iPhone 7 Plus Dual-Lens Camera KGI Securities has come up with some new information regarding the iPhone 7 Plus. It turns out Apple is working on two different 5.5" versions of the phone and it's likely that at least one of the designs will have dual-lens camera system built-in following the purchase of Linx (an Israeli company that makes dual camera imaging systems possible). The design could revolutionize the way we view handheld smartphone cameras forever. What is a dual-lens camera? Dual lens cameras ... Read more
Apple Developing iPhone With Extended Range Wireless Charging An Apple headline reads on macrumors.com. We know one thing about Apple phones: when they do technology, it becomes the new standard. Right now, 1 out of every 3 Americans is using an Apple iPhone. Though you've seen Apple's profits level off at around 75 billion this last week, Apple fans are eager to see the next big thing when the iPhone 7 is released. To answer their desires, Apple has revealed a new ... Read more
iPhone Sales to drop in Q1 BusinessInsider.com wrote an article 2 hours ago reporting on information that points to Apple losing iPhones sales in this quarter citing that the pace of innovation has slowed at Apple. Business Insider reports that LG & Hynix who make parts for Apple are also expected to lose as much as 10% of their revenue. In light of the current turmoil in the stock market, shares could drop even further. News that something was wrong at Apple first ... Read more
Widespread issues regarding iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ Battery percentage Following a post we caught earlier this week on Macrumors, we discovered a widespread issue with the battery percentage on the iPhone not going down towards 0% as the battery is drained. There's a huge discussion going on Apple Forums about this particular issue but the problem seems to be related to time zone and clock processes. Most users are having the problems after traveling between two different time zones. The problem appears to begin ... Read more
The iPhone 7 is rumored have no headphone jack A month ago we reported on a tip that the iPhone 7 (which is still under development) is rumored to be lacking a headphone jack. In place of the headphone jack, a new market of headphones is supposed to open up that will feature a lightning cable attachment instead. We're led to believe right now that Apple wants the market to convert to wireless headphones powered by Bluetooth or wireless speakers (both of ... Read more
OLED Technology coming to Apple screens in 2018 Apple is in the process of wrapping up a deal with Samsung and LG worth 12.8 billion dollars to provide the 2018 lineup of Apple phones with powerful new OLED technology for their screens. The deal is likely to bolster Apple's position in the market as a tech leader and Apple will probably make you feel it in their keynote conferences when the time comes to roll out the 2nd generation iPhone 7 or ... Read more
The new 4-inch iPhone repair in Schaumburg Though the news is not official yet, rumors have been moving around the internet for weeks about a new iPhone brought up in a China Mobile conference that indicates a brand new and more powerful iPhone Mini that will be only 4 inches in size. As the story goes, China Mobile is preparing for an April release of a new Apple phone whose name is not yet confirmed (see image below, courtesy of Macrumors.com). Based on ... Read more
Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 on your Macbook Open Emu is a game emulator that allows you to play all of your favorite classic games on your Macbook. Open Emu is only for OSX and features an iTunes style interface that allows you to jump in and enjoy all your favorite old school games. Here's a list of supported systems from Open Emu: - Atari 5200 - Atari 7800 - Atari Lynx - ColecoVision - Famicom Disk System - Intellivision - Nintendo 64 ... Read more
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